Biology Quiz 13

A free Biology Quiz is provided here to assist our visitors measure their level of knowledge about Biology. Individuals who are preparing to take any type of written test, such as, MDCAT, Medical Entry Test, CSS, PMS, PPSC, FPSC, BPSC, NTS, ISSB, Lecturer, Educators, Interviews etc can take this quiz to identify their weak areas and work on them. Questions included in this quiz are taken from the Biology Mcqs section of this website.

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Biology Quiz

Biology Quiz 13

  • This is a free online test/quiz. You do not have to pay anything for this.
  • Quiz contains only Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Quiz passing percentage is 50%.
  • You can restart the quiz again after the quiz is over every time.
  • The answers to the questions will vary at random each time you take this Quiz.
  • Good Luck!.

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Category: Biology Quiz

A specie that can inhabit different geographical areas is known as?

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Category: Biology Quiz

The division of Cytoplasm in Mitosis is called?

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Category: Biology Quiz

___ enzymes which are used in dish washing to remove resistance.

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Category: Biology Quiz

Birds vertebrae are?

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Category: Biology Quiz

Polymorphism is a characteristic of phylum?

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Category: Biology Quiz

How many base pairs are there in every turn of Watson Crick double Helical model?

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Category: Biology Quiz

Term pleiotropy is explained when?

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Category: Biology Quiz

Where are histamine secreting cells found?

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Category: Biology Quiz

Out of the following which is not a stop codon?

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