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  • Which is correct among following?

    (A) for(int a=0; a<=10; a++) (B) for(int a=0: a<=10: a++) (C) for(int a=0; a<=10; a++); (D) All are correct [showhide type="post" more_text="►Correct Option" less_text="Show less..."] Correct Answer is: A

  • Correct syntax of while loop is?

    (A) while (condition) [body of loop]
    (B) while {body of loop}
    (C) while (condition) {body of loop}
    (D) while (condition); {body of loop}

  • Identify correct sentence of for loop?

    (A) for(initialization:condition:increment/decrement);
    (B) for(initialization:condition:increment/decrement)
    (C) for(initialization;condition;increment/decrement)
    (D) for(initialization;condition;increment/decrement);

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