Recently which country announced that it would adopt Punjabi as a language for its school students?

(A) Australia
(B) UK
(D) China

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  • Which nation just opened the biggest single-site solar power plant in the world?

    (A) UAE
    (B) Kuwait
    (C) Qatar
    (D) Bahrain

  • Recently, in Turin, Italy, Novak Djokovic created history by winning the __ ATP Finals title.

    (A) 5th
    (B) 6th
    (C) 7th
    (D) 9th

  • Which former West Indian cricketer banned from all formats of cricket for six years?

    (A) Chris Gayle
    (B) Darren Sammy
    (C) Marlon Samules
    (D) Kieron Pollard

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