Who have received first-ever Queen Elizabeth II Woman of the Year award in London?

(A) Suella Braverman, Home Secretary UK
(B) Liz Truss, Prime Minister UK
(C) King Charles III
(D) None of the above

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  • Which nation just opened the biggest single-site solar power plant in the world?

    (A) UAE
    (B) Kuwait
    (C) Qatar
    (D) Bahrain

  • Recently, in Turin, Italy, Novak Djokovic created history by winning the __ ATP Finals title.

    (A) 5th
    (B) 6th
    (C) 7th
    (D) 9th

  • Which former West Indian cricketer banned from all formats of cricket for six years?

    (A) Chris Gayle
    (B) Darren Sammy
    (C) Marlon Samules
    (D) Kieron Pollard

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