Meaning: افزُوں کَرنا ۔ وَسيع تَر ، دَراز تَر ، زِيادَہ فَراواں کَرنا ۔ اِضافَہ کَرنا

Explanation: (Verb)- Enlarge upon or add detail to.

Example: The notes amplify information contained in the statement.

Synonyms: Augment, Deepen, Exaggerate, Heighten.

Antonyms: Decrease, Play Down, Weaken, Abbreviate.

[Dawn Vocabulary: 09-01-2022]

Published on 10-01-2022

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  • Confluence

    Meaning: سَنگَم ۔ ہم روانی ۔ مِلاپ

    Explanation: (Noun) – An act or process of merging.

    Example: A major confluence of the world’s financial markets.

    Synonyms: Assemblage, Junction, Assembly, Concourse.

    Antonyms: Division, Separation.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 24-01-2022]

    Published on 25-01-2022

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  • Atrocity

    Meaning: خَباثَت ۔ سَنگ دِلی ۔ سَفاکی ۔ بے رحمی – سفاکی ظلم زیادتی

    Explanation: (Noun)- An extremely wicked or cruel act, typically one involving physical violence or injury.

    Example: A textbook which detailed war atrocities.

    Synonyms: Barbarity, Horror, Atrociousness, Barbarousness.

    Antonyms: Good Behavior, Kindness, Pleasantness.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 23-01-2022]

    Published on 24-01-2022

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  • Delinquency

    Meaning: خطا ۔ قصور ۔ جرم ۔ گناہ ۔ نادہندگی – غفلت

    Explanation: (Noun) – Minor crime, especially that committed by young people.

    Example: Social causes of crime and delinquency.

    Synonyms: Default, Crime, Dereliction, Failure.

    Antonyms: Accomplishment, Achievement, Care.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 22-01-2022]

    Published on 23-01-2022

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  • Chomp

    Meaning: پُر شور آواز کے ساتھ کاٹنا یا چبانا ۔ چپڑ چپڑ کر کے کھانا

    Explanation: (Verb)- Munch or chew noisily or vigorously.

    Example: She chomped on a roll.

    Synonyms: Chew, Gnaw.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 21-01-2022]

    Published on 22-01-2022

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  • Fodder

    Meaning: چارہ ، بھُوسہ ، گھاس ، چارہ ڈالنا – چَری ۔ پَٹّھے ۔ بھُوسا ۔ اَناج

    Explanation: (Noun) – Food, especially dried hay or straw, for cattle and other livestock.

    Example: The animals need foddering.

    Synonyms: Barley, Corn, Food, Forage.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 20-01-2022]

    Published on 21-01-2022

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  • Squabble

    Meaning: توتو میں میں کرنا ۔ جھڑپ کرنا – تکرار کرنا ، جھگڑنا ، جھڑپ ہو جانا

    Explanation: (Verb) – Quarrel noisily over a trivial matter.

    Example: The boys were squabbling over a ball.

    Synonyms: Altercation, Bickering, Controversy, Difference.

    Antonyms: Accord, Agreement, Harmony, Likeness.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 19-01-2022]

    Published on 20-01-2022

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  • Mudslinging

    Meaning: کیچڑ اچھالنے کا عمل ۔ بد نام کرنے کا عمل ۔ پگڑی اچھالنا ۔ تُہمت طرازی

    Explanation: (Noun) – The use of insults and accusations, especially unjust ones, with the aim of damaging the reputation of an opponent.

    Example: Politicians seem to rely on mud-slinging instead of argument.

    Synonyms: Character assassination, Defamation, Dirty Politics.

    Antonyms: Acclaim, Commendation, Encouragement.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 18-01-2022]

    Published on 19-01-2022

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  • Threadbare

    Meaning: تار تار ۔ اس قدر پرانا کہ تار نظر آنے لگیں ۔ پرانا ۔ پھٹا ہوا ۔ جھر جھر

    Explanation: (Noun)- Becoming thin and tattered with age.

    Example: Tatty rooms with threadbare carpets.

    Synonyms: Faded, Ratty, Scruffy, Shabby, Shopworn.

    Antonyms: Fresh, New, Unused.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 17-01-2022]

    Published on 18-01-2022

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