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  • Hutment

    Meaning: بارکيں ۔ لکڑی کے مکانوں کی بستی

    Explanation: (Noun) – An encampment of huts.

    Synonyms: Bivouac, Camp, Campground, Campsite.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 26-11-2022]

  • Abrupt

    Meaning: اچانَک ۔ یَکلَخت ۔ غَیر مَتوَقع ۔ جَلد بازی پَر مَبنی ۔ اتاولا ۔ ناہَموار ۔ بے رَبط

    Explanation: (Adjective) – Sudden and unexpected.

    Example: I was surprised by the abrupt change of subject.

    Synonyms: Blunt, Brusque, Crude, Crusty.

    Antonyms: At ease, Calm, Deliberate.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 23-11-2022]

  • Squib

    Meaning: ( آتش بازی ) چھچھوندر ۔ گھن چکر ۔ ہوائی ۔

    Explanation: (Noun, Verb) – Utter, write, or publish a satirical or sarcastic attack.

    Example: It is a sport now to taunt and squib and deride at other men’s virtues.

    Synonyms: Announcement, Broadcast, Commercial, Display, Endorsement.

    Antonyms: Hiding.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 20-11-2022]

  • Tumble

    Meaning: لوٹ پوٹ جانا ۔ لڑھکنا ۔ گر پڑنا ۔ موجوں کا اچھلنا ۔ بار بار پہلو بدلنا

    Explanation: (Verb) – Move or rush in a headlong or uncontrolled way.

    Example: A group of kids tumbled from the vehicle and headed inside.

    Synonyms: Descend, Dip, Drop, Flop, Go Down.

    Antonyms: Ascend, Go up, Increase, Rise.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 18-11-2022]

  • Rumble

    Meaning: گَرَجنا ۔ کَڑَکنا ۔ گُونجنا ۔ لَلکارنا

    Explanation: (Verb) – Make a continuous deep, resonant sound.

    Example: Thunder rumbled, lightning flickered.

    Synonyms: Resound, Roar, Boom.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 15-11-2022]

  • Climactic

    Meaning: متہائی۔ انتہا کے متعلق

    Explanation: (Adjective) – Acting as a culmination or resolution to a series of events; forming an exciting climax.

    Example: The film’s climactic scenes.

    Synonyms: Crowning, Decisive, Climatical, Critical.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 14-11-2022]

  • Inferno

    Meaning: دوزَخ ۔ دوزَخ نُما مُقام ۔ جَہَنَم ۔ نَرک ۔ ہيبَت ناک مَنظَر

    Explanation: (Noun) – A place or situation that is too hot, chaotic, or noisy.

    Example: The inferno of the Friday evening rush hour.

    Synonyms: Purgatory, Hades, Blazes, Hellfire.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 12-11-2022]

  • Idiosyncrasy

    Meaning: انفرادی مزاج ۔ خاص مزاج ۔ ترکیب مزاج ۔انوکھا پن ۔ غیر معمولی انداز

    Explanation: (Noun) – A mode of behaviour or way of thought peculiar to an individual.

    Example: One of his little idiosyncrasies was always preferring to be in the car first.

    Synonyms: Eccentricity, Mannerism, Peculiarity, Trait.

    Antonyms: Normality, Usualness.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 11-11-2022]

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