Meaning: قَبضے يا قابو ميں رَکھنا ۔ حُکَم چَلانا ۔ طاقَت يا اِختِيار اِستِعمال کَرنا

Explanation: (Verb)- Have and be able to use (power or influence).

Example: Faction leaders wielded enormous influence within the party.

Synonyms: Apply, Brandish, Employ, Exert.

Antonyms: Ignore, Misuse, Neglect.

[Dawn Vocabulary: 08-12-2021]

Updated on 09/12/2021

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  • Sought

    Meaning: جس کی تلاش کی گئی ہو ۔ جس کی خوا ہش کی گئی ہو

    Explanation: (Verb) – Attempt or desire to obtain or achieve (something).

    Example: The new regime sought his extradition.

    Synonyms: Desired, Hunted, Needed.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 06-08-2022]

    Updated on 07/08/2022

  • Indefensible

    Meaning: نَقص ناپذیر ۔ بے عیب ۔ بے نقص ۔ ثابت ۔ کامِل

    Explanation: (Adjective) – Not justifiable by argument.

    Example: This behaviour is morally indefensible.

    Synonyms: Unforgivable, Unjustifiable, Untenable, Bad.

    Antonyms: Defensible, Excusable, Justifiable.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 05-08-2022]

    Updated on 06/08/2022

  • Shrill

    Meaning: باریک اور تیز آواز ۔ سیٹی کی طرح کی آواز

    Explanation: (Adjective) – (of a voice or sound) high-pitched and piercing.

    Example: A shrill laugh.

    Synonyms: Deafening, Discordant, Earsplitting, Noisy.

    Antonyms: Calm, Low, Mild.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 04-08-2022]

    Updated on 05/08/2022

  • Eviscerate

    Meaning: عُضو نِکالنا ۔ انتڑیاں نِکالنا ۔ احشا براری

    Explanation: (Verb) – Disembowel (a person or animal).

    Example: The goat had been skinned and neatly eviscerated.

    Synonyms: Devitalize, Gut, Weaken.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 03-08-2022]

    Updated on 04/08/2022

  • Stomp

    Meaning: پاٴوں مارنا ۔ تھرکنا ۔ تیز اور زور دار باکوب رَقص

    Explanation: (Verb) – Tread heavily and noisily, typically in order to show anger.

    Example: Martin stomped off to the spare room.

    Synonyms: Dance, Music, Stamp, Trample, Tread.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 02-08-2022]

    Updated on 03/08/2022

  • Scramble

    Meaning: کش مکش ۔ جد و جہد

    Explanation: (Noun) – A difficult or hurried clamber up or over something.

    Example: An undignified scramble over the wall.

    Synonyms: Rush, Struggle, Tussle, Clutter.

    Antonyms: Peace, Order, Organization.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 01-08-2022]

    Updated on 02/08/2022

  • Protagonist

    Meaning: سرغنہ ۔ حامی ۔ طرفدار ۔ حلیف ۔ مرد میدان ۔ رہنما یا کسی مقصد کا بڑا حامی

    Explanation: (Noun) – The leading character or one of the major characters in a play, film, novel, etc.

    Example: The novel’s main protagonist is an American intelligence officer.

    Synonyms: Central character, Central figure, Central player, Lead character.

    Antonyms: Antagonist.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 31-07-2022]

    Updated on 01/08/2022

  • Puisne

    Meaning: عدالت عالیہ میں چھوٹا جج ۔ عمر میں چھوٹا یا رتبے میں کم تر

    Explanation: (Noun) – an associate judge as distinguished from a chief justice.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 30-07-2022]

    Updated on 31/07/2022

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