__ is a segment of code that accesses a shared resource like data structure or device that must not be concurrently accessed by more than one thread of execution.

(A) Pipelining
(B) Critical Section
(C) Context switching
(D) Multithreading

Updated on 03/12/2021

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  • For mutual exclusion to prevail in the system?

    (A) There must be at least one resource in a sharable mode
    (B) Processor must be a uniprocessor rather than a multiprocessor
    (C) At least one resource must be held in a non sharable mode
    (D) None of the above

    Updated on 09/08/2022

  • Multithreaded programs are?

    (A) Not at all prone to deadlocks
    (B) Lesser prone to deadlocks
    (C) More prone to deadlocks
    (D) All are correct

    Updated on 09/08/2022

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