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  • Dimensional analysis is helpful for?

    (A) Checking the homogeneity of a physical equation
    (B) Deriving a possible formula
    (C) Verification of laws
    (D) Both A and B

    Updated on 15/09/2022

  • In any measurement the significant figures are?

    (A) All accurately known and all doubtful digits
    (B) Only accurately known digits
    (C) Only doubtful digits
    (D) All accurately known digits and the first doubtful digit

    Updated on 15/09/2022

  • Preftix deca represents?

    (A) 10 Raised to power 2
    (B) 10 Raised to power -1
    (C) 10 Raised to power 1
    (D) None of the above

    Updated on 15/09/2022

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