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  • Positivist Liberals are in favour of?

    (A) Pushing the state out of economic field
    (B) Doing away the state’s interference in the economic sphere
    (C) State regulation of the economic conditions in the interests of workers
    (D) State regulation to protect the interests of the capitalists

  • What is meant by Economic justice?

    (A) The state should follow the theory of free trade policy
    (B) State should not protect the economically weaker section of society
    (C) The state should eliminate social discrimination
    (D) The basic needs regarding food, clothing and shelter of every citizen are met.

  • The essential principle of modern justice is?

    (A) Judges should be part of executive
    (B) There should be independence of judiciary
    (C) The judges should be under the control of the Head of the State
    (D) The judges should be under the control of the electorate

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