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  • The four parts of the neurons are__.

    (A) axon, cell body, myelin sheath and dendrites
    (B) axon, dendrites, nucleus and terminal buttons
    (C) axon, cell body, dendrites, and terminal buttons
    (D) axon, cell body, myelin sheath mode of ranvier

  • The main regions of brain are the__.

    (A) hind brain, forebrain, midbrain
    (B) cerebral cortex, forebrain, hindbrain and midbrain
    (C) forebrain, midbrain and anterior region
    (D) central hemisphere, and left hemisphere

  • An independent variable__.

    (A) the any variable of interest
    (B) a variable that is independent verified
    (C) the variable that is manipulated by experiment
    (D) a variable whose value dependent on that of the dependent

  • Norms can be best define as__.

    (A) Standard and expectations shared by members of a society
    (B) rule of law
    (C) statistically normal behavior
    (D) universal rules of conduct

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