World hepatitis day observed on 28 July 2021. What was the theme of world hepatitis day 2021?

(A) Hepatitis Free Future
(B) Invest in eliminating hepatitis
(C) Hepatitis can’t wait
(D) Find the Missing Millions

Published on 30-07-2021

Which university appointed first female engineering professor in 100 years?

(A) National University of Sciences & Technology
(B) COMSATS University Islamabad
(C) University of Engineering and Technology–Lahore
(D) University of Engineering and Technology–Taxila.

Published on 29-07-2021

Who won First Gold Medal of Tokyo Olympics 2020?

(A) Nina Christen
(B) Yang Qian
(C) Anastasiia Galashina
(D) None of the above

Published on 29-07-2021

Which country becomes first one to approve Golden Rice for planting?

(A) Philippines
(B) Germany
(C) Indonesia
(D) Malaysia

Published on 28-07-2021

Who becomes youngest mountaineer to summit K2 with supplemental oxygen?

(A) Asif Nazir
(B) Shehroze Kashif
(C) Salman Nadeem
(D) None of the above

Published on 28-07-2021