PTV pioneer, amazing entertainer and radio moderator Begum Khursheed Shahid dies at the age of?

(A) 93 Years
(B) 95 Years
(C) 96 Years
(D) 97 Years

Updated on 30/06/2021

Which space agency has announced its plan to hire and launch the world’s first physically disabled astronaut?

(A) Canadian Space Agency
(B) Jaxa
(C) Mexican Space Agency
(D) European Space Agency

Updated on 30/06/2021

On 28 June 2021 which court ordered to ban Tik Tok in Pakistan?

(A) Lahore High Court
(B) Sindh High Court
(C) Islamabad High Court
(D) Supreme Court of Pakistan

Updated on 29/06/2021

What was the theme of International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2021?

(A) Share Facts On Drugs, Save Lives
(B) Save lives of drug abuse persons
(C) Better Knowledge for Better Care
(D) Justice for Health

Updated on 28/06/2021

Former caretaker prime minister retired Justice Mir Hazar Khan Khoso passed away on 26 June 2021 due to?

(A) Cancer
(B) Cardiac Arrest
(C) Sugar
(D) Heart Attack

Updated on 28/06/2021

Which country recently inaugurated its first fully electrified bullet train?

(A) India
(B) Bangladesh
(C) China
(D) Pakistan

Updated on 27/06/2021