A taxi driver make a trip from the plains to ooty which are 340 km apart at an average speed of 60 km/hr. In the return trip, he covers the speed distance at an average of 30 km/hr. The average speed of the taxi over the entire distance of 680 km is:

(A) 30 km/hr
(B) 40 km/hr
(C) 50 km/hr
(D) 60 km/hr

Anitha takes 8 hours 20 mints in walking to a temple and riding back. She would have gained 3 hours by riding both ways. The time she would take to walk both ways is:

(A) 15 hours 40 mints
(B) 16 hours 40 mints
(C) 18 hours 40 mints
(D) 19 hours 40 mints

Jackson travels a distance of 100 km in 5 hours. How much faster in kilometer per hour, on an average, must he travel to make a journey in 5/3 hour less time?

(A) 5 km/hr
(B) 6 km/hr
(C) 8 km/hr
(D) 10 km/hr

A royal enfield bike starts with the speed of 210 km/hr with its speed increasing every 2 hours by 30 km/hr, in how many hours will it cover 1035 km?

(A) 2 1/2 hour
(B) 4 1/2 hour
(C) 6 1/2 hour
(D) 7 1/2 hour

A hare is spotted by a tiger from a distance of 50 metres. When the tiger starts a chase, the hare also starts running. If the speed of the hare be 4 km/hr and that of a tiger 5 km/hr, how far the hare will have run before its over taken?

(A) 100 m
(B) 200 m
(C) 300 m
(D) 400 m

A monkey takes 16 jumps for every 20 jumps of a dog but 12 jumps of a monkey are equal to 16 jumps of the dog. Compare their speeds?

(A) 15:16
(B) 17:16
(C) 16:15
(D) 16:17

John leaves New York at 3 am and reaches Texas at 11 am . Michael leaves Texas at 5 am and reaches New York at 12:00 noon. At what time do they cross each other?

(A) 7 : 52 AM
(B) 8 : 25 AM
(C) 6 : 52 AM
(D) 9 : 25 AM

A passenger train without stopping running at an average speed of 120 km/hr and with stoppages at an average speed of 80 km/hr. What is the total time taken by the train for stoppages on a route of length 480km?

(A) 2 Hours
(B) 3 Hours
(C) 4 Hours
(D) 5 Hours