Sheena travel the first part of her journey at 160 kmph and the second part at 240 kmph and cover the total distance of 3840 km to her destination in 20 hours. How long did the first part of her journey last?

(A) 08 Hours
(B) 10 Hours
(C) 12 Hours
(D) 16 Hours

Rozi covered a definite distance at some speed. If she had moved 5 kmph faster, she would have taken 55 minutes less. If he had moved 4 kmph slower, she would have taken 55 minutes more. What is the distance in km?

(A) 230 Km
(B) 330 Km
(C) 398 Km
(D) 423 Km

A car covers a distance of 1120 metres in 1 minute whereas a bus covers a distance of 56 kms in 44 minutes. What is the ratio of their speed?

(A) 22:25
(B) 25:22
(C) 11:15
(D) 15:11

Three friends X, Y and Z run a running race, Y finished 12 meters ahead of Z and 18 m ahead of X, while Z finished 8m ahead of X. If each friends runs the entire distance at their respective constant speeds, what is the length of the race?

(A) 12 m
(B) 16 m
(C) 24 m
(D) 48 m

In a 2700 m race around a round track of length 300m, John and Michael meet at the end of the 3rd minute, for the first time after the start of the race. All the runners maintain uniform speed throughout the race. If John runs at twice the speed of the Michael. Find the time taken by John to finish the race.

(A) 27 Mintues
(B) 32 Minutes
(C) 23 Minutes
(D) 34 Minutes

Rs 4830 is divided among Ali, Ahmad and Waqas such that if Ali share diminishes by Rs 5, Ahmad share diminishes by Rs 10 and Waqas share diminishes by Rs 15, their shares will be in the ratio 5:4:3. Find the Ahmad original share?

(A) 1345
(B) 1456
(C) 1610
(D) 1790

One year ago the ratio between Smith and John salary was 3:4. The individual ratios between their last year’s and this year’s salary are 4:5 and 2:3 respectively. At present the total of their salary is Rs.4160. The salary of Smith now is?

(A) 1300
(B) 1600
(C) 1800
(D) 2100