A number is reduced by 10%. Its present value is 1080. What was its original value?

(A) 2300
(B) 3250
(C) 1980
(D) 1200

A wooden manufacturing company declares that a wooden is now available for $11200 as against $25200 one year before. Find the percentage reduction in the price of wooden offered by the company?

(A) 25 1/3%
(B) 55 5/9%
(C) 66 1/3%
(D) 69 1/3%

A taxi driver make a trip from the plains to ooty which are 340 km apart at an average speed of 60 km/hr. In the return trip, he covers the speed distance at an average of 30 km/hr. The average speed of the taxi over the entire distance of 680 km is:

(A) 30 km/hr
(B) 40 km/hr
(C) 50 km/hr
(D) 60 km/hr

Anitha takes 8 hours 20 mints in walking to a temple and riding back. She would have gained 3 hours by riding both ways. The time she would take to walk both ways is:

(A) 15 hours 40 mints
(B) 16 hours 40 mints
(C) 18 hours 40 mints
(D) 19 hours 40 mints

Jackson travels a distance of 100 km in 5 hours. How much faster in kilometer per hour, on an average, must he travel to make a journey in 5/3 hour less time?

(A) 5 km/hr
(B) 6 km/hr
(C) 8 km/hr
(D) 10 km/hr

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