Meaning: دِلاسا دينا ۔ ٹھَنڈا کرنا ۔ شِدَّت کَم کَرنا ۔تَسکِين دينا

Explanation: (Verb)- Make (an unpleasant feeling) less intense.

Example: The letter assuaged the fears of most members.

Synonyms: Allay, Alleviate, Appease, Lessen.

Antonyms: Aggravate, Agitate, Dissatisfy.

[Dawn Vocabulary: 16-01-2022]

Published on 17-01-2022


Meaning: فسق و فجور ۔ بدکاری ۔عیاشی ۔ اوباشی

Explanation: (Noun)- Reckless extravagance or wastefulness in the use of resources.

Example: His financial prudence corrected the profligacies of Nero.

Synonyms: Recklessness, Absurdity, Amenity, Dissipation.

Antonyms: Economy, Frugality.

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Published on 16-01-2022


Meaning: برملاہتک ۔ کرنا ۔ بے عزتی کرنا ۔ کھُلے بندوں توہین کرنا ۔ مقابلہ کرنا ۔ سامنے آنا ۔ گستاخی کرنا

Explanation: (Noun)- An action or remark that causes outrage or offence.

Example: He took his son’s desertion as a personal affront.

Synonyms: Indignity, Provocation, Slight, Abuse.

Antonyms: Respect, Aid, Flattery.

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Published on 15-01-2022


Meaning: مُنھ زور ۔ سَرکَش ۔ ناقابِل تسخیر ۔ غیر مُطبع ۔ بے قابُو

Explanation: (Adjective) – Impossible to subdue or defeat.

Example: A woman of indomitable spirit.

Synonyms: Impregnable, Invincible, Invulnerable, Obstinate.

Antonyms: Beatable, Flexible, Willing.

[Dawn Vocabulary: 13-01-2022]

Published on 14-01-2022


Meaning: مَغلُوبُ الغَضَب ۔ مَغلُوبُ الغَيظ ۔ خَوف ۔ اِضطَراب ۔ غَم ۔ پاگل ۔ بَد حَواص

Explanation: (Adjective)- Distraught with fear, anxiety, or other emotion.

Example: She was frantic with worry.

Synonyms: Agitated, Angry, Delirious, Distraught.

Antonyms: Balanced, Calm, Collected, Happy.

[Dawn Vocabulary: 12-01-2022]

Published on 13-01-2022


Meaning: افزُوں کَرنا ۔ وَسيع تَر ، دَراز تَر ، زِيادَہ فَراواں کَرنا ۔ اِضافَہ کَرنا

Explanation: (Verb)- Enlarge upon or add detail to.

Example: The notes amplify information contained in the statement.

Synonyms: Augment, Deepen, Exaggerate, Heighten.

Antonyms: Decrease, Play Down, Weaken, Abbreviate.

[Dawn Vocabulary: 09-01-2022]

Published on 10-01-2022