During which was does the novel ‘For whom the Bell Tolls’ take place?

(A) Spanish Civil War
(B) World War I
(C) World War II
(D) Spanish American War

In Dickens Tale of Two Cities who promises Lucie Manette that he would if necessary die for her?

(A) Monsieur Defarge
(B) Sydney Carton
(C) Jarvis Lorry
(D) None of the above

Someone with a vocabulary of only 200 words can still combine the words in different ways to say thousands different things. This aspect of language is referred to as?

(A) Phonology
(B) Syntax
(C) Morphology
(D) Infinite generativity

Language is most accurately defined as a system of that allow for communication with others?

(A) Vocalizations
(B) Symbols
(C) Words
(D) Images