Which age is regarded as the greatest age in the history of English literature?

(A) Restoration period
(B) Romantic period
(C) The Elizabethan Age
(D) None of the above

Published on 30-03-2022

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  • Bucolic refers to?

    (A) The poets who imitated pope
    (B) The poets who imitated Wordsworth
    (C) The poets who wrote in praise of wine
    (D) The poets who wrote pastoral poetry

    Published on 22-05-2022

  • Beat writers?

    (A) Wrote in the 1940s
    (B) Wrote in the 1950s
    (C) Wrote in the 1960s
    (D) Wrote in the 1970s

    Published on 22-05-2022

  • Parable is?

    (A) A book in an epic
    (B) A brief tale illustrating some moral
    (C) A cure of paralysis
    (D) A poem in paragraphs

    Published on 22-05-2022

  • Morality plays were?

    (A) Produced in the 15th and 16th centuries
    (B) Produced in the 17th century
    (C) Produced in the 18th century
    (D) Produced in the 19th century

    Published on 22-05-2022

  • Comic relief implies?

    (A) A hilarious comedy
    (B) A short humorous episode interrupting a tragedy
    (C) The effect of Catharsis
    (D) The interval in the play or film

    Published on 22-05-2022

  • Chorus is a?

    (A) Group of singers in drama
    (B) Group of beautiful actresses
    (C) Group of DJ Dancers
    (D) Brand of writing inks

    Published on 22-05-2022

  • Catharsis?

    (A) Is related to comedy
    (B) Is related to sonneteering
    (C) Is related to tragedy
    (D) Is related to farce

    Published on 22-05-2022

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