The statement that psychology is empirical means?

(A) psychology is different from other science
(B) the method of psychology are based on controlled experiments and on observations made with great precision and objectivity
(C) scientific psychology originated in Greek and roman ages
(D) psychological principal are based on consensus of scientists

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  • An independent variable__.

    (A) the any variable of interest
    (B) a variable that is independent verified
    (C) the variable that is manipulated by experiment
    (D) a variable whose value dependent on that of the dependent

  • Norms can be best define as__.

    (A) Standard and expectations shared by members of a society
    (B) rule of law
    (C) statistically normal behavior
    (D) universal rules of conduct

  • In operant conditioning __.

    (A) continuous reinforcement schedule is least susceptible to extinction
    (B) negative reinforcement is a type of punishment
    (C) the process is related to trial and error learning
    (D) shaping occurs when responses are coincidentally paired to a reinforce

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