From the following; which one is used as an assignment operator?

(A) Equal sign ‘=’
(B) Double equal sign ‘==’
(C) Both equal and double equal sign
(D) None of the given options

From following; which one is the correct syntax of an array initialize: Array size is 10 and it is of double data type to value 0?

(A) arr[10] = {0.0};
(B) double arr[10]= 0.0;
(C) double arr[10] = {0.0};
(D) double arr[] = 0.0;

__are conventional names of the command line parameters of the ‘main()’ function.

(A) ‘argb’ and ‘argv’
(B) ‘argc’ and ‘argv’
(C) argc’ and ‘argu’
(D) None of the given

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