Recently how many south Asian countries have formed Palm Oil Alliance together?

(A) Four
(B) Five
(C) Six
(D) Seven

Updated on 25/09/2022

20th Meeting of Prosecutors General of SCO Member States held at?

(A) Samarkand, Uzbekistan
(B) Astana, Kazakhstan
(C) Beijing, China
(D) None of the above

Updated on 25/09/2022

Which country Scientists create world’s first cloned wild Arctic wolf ‘Maya’?

(A) Japan
(B) India
(C) China
(D) UK

Updated on 24/09/2022

According to UN, which three countries to see 20% rise in surface ozone levels.

(A) India, Maldives, Iran
(B) India, Pakistan, Indonesia
(C) Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia
(D) Pakistan, Bangladesh, India

Updated on 23/09/2022

Who became first and youngest Pakistani YouTuber to Win a Diamond Play Button?

(A) Arshad Iqbal
(B) Musa Tanveer
(C) Rahim Salimi
(D) Asif Butt

Updated on 22/09/2022

When Angelina Jolie arrived in Pakistan to help flood victims?

(A) 17 Sep 2022
(B) 18 Sep 2022
(C) 19 Sep 2022
(D) 20 Sep 2022

Updated on 22/09/2022

When last funeral of Queen Elizabeth II performed?

(A) 15 Sep 2022
(B) 17 Sep 2022
(C) 19 Sep 2022
(D) 20 Sep 2022

Updated on 21/09/2022

Identify name of first policewoman from Balochistan to head Punjab district security?

(A) Shazia Sarwar
(B) Anum Baloch
(C) Sumera Nasrin
(D) Rimsha Bajwa

Updated on 21/09/2022