Pakistan ranks at which place in the list of corruption perception index 2021?

(A) 128
(B) 130
(C) 140
(D) 143

Published on 27-01-2022

When Justice Ayesha Malik takes oath as first female judge of Supreme Court?

(A) 22 Jan 2022
(B) 23 Jan 2022
(C) 24 Jan 2022
(D) 25 Jan 2022

Published on 25-01-2022

Who is named as ICC men T20I cricketer of the year for 2021?

(A) Babar Azam
(B) Muhammad Rizwan
(C) Rohit Sharma
(D) David Warner

Published on 24-01-2022

Justice Ayesha Malik becomes first woman judge of __ of Pakistan.

(A) Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan
(B) Islamabad High Court
(C) Supreme Court of Pakistan
(D) None of the above

Published on 24-01-2022

Name of lady who becomes Pakistan first transgender doctor?

(A) Rubina Saeed
(B) Shiza Gull
(C) Kosar Naz
(D) Sarah Gill

Published on 20-01-2022

Pakistan first ever digital city launched in?

(A) Rawalpindi
(B) Haripur
(C) Peshawar
(D) Lahore

Published on 18-01-2022

When PM Imran Khan launches Pakistan’s first-ever National Security Policy?

(A) 12 Jan 2022
(B) 13 Jan 2022
(C) 14 Jan 2022
(D) 15 Jan 2022

Published on 16-01-2022