Which Pakistani University is going to establish regional office in Afghanistan?

(A) Quad-e-Azam University
(C) Gomal University DIK
(D) Allama Iqbal Open University

Published on 13-12-2021

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  • Pakistan first ever digital city launched in?

    (A) Rawalpindi
    (B) Haripur
    (C) Peshawar
    (D) Lahore

    Published on 18-01-2022

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  • Which Pakistani bank wins global award for islamic banking?

    (A) Allied Aitebar Islamic Bank
    (B) BankIslami Pakistan Limited
    (C) Meezan Bank Limited
    (D) State Bank of Pakistan

    Published on 15-01-2022

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  • Who is named as most valueable cricketer of the year 2021 by the PCB?

    (A) Shaheen Afridi
    (B) Muhammad Rizwan
    (C) Babar Azam
    (D) Hassan Ali

    Published on 08-01-2022

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