Who is the newly appointed Chairman of NADRA?

(A) Muhammad Waqas Khan
(B) Lt Gen Muhammad Munir Afsar
(C) Tariq Malik
(D) None of the above

In Southeast Asia which country becomes first one who legalize same sex marriage?

(A) Thailand
(B) Singapore
(C) Philippines
(D) Vietnam

According to the world happiness index Pakistan stood at which position?

(A) 100
(B) 102
(C) 108
(D) 110

In the list of world happiest countries Finland has been named the number one in the list for the __ consecutive year.

(A) 5th
(B) 6th
(C) 7th
(D) 9th

Vaughan Gething becomes first black leader of?

(A) European country
(B) Asian country
(C) African country
(D) Gulf Cooperation Council countries

World first ever 3D printed mosque recently unveiled by which country?

(A) Iran
(B) Pakistan
(C) Saudi Arabia
(D) Indonesia

Which team is the runner up of PSL 2024?

(A) Islamabad United
(B) Multan Sultan
(C) Lahore Qalandar
(D) Quetta Gladiators

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